Devils Circuit - The Rockstar of Running Events in India
About Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit

India's Biggest, Coolest & Most
Electrifying Obstacle Running Series


Somebody said once – It's better late than never. So, gear up, put your shoes on & run with us. Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit is India's Biggest & the most exciting Obstacle Running Property.

The complete series of runs is organized across the length and breadth of India to bring people together to experience the thrill and never-seen obstacles. For the adventure enthusiasts, who are looking to push their limits, this is a must do event.

Set across a raw rugged terrain punctuated with military-style obstacles, the MARUTI SUZUKI ARENA DEVILS CIRCUIT tests you both mentally as well as physically. The circuit is designed in a way that people from different walks of life can take a part and make the most of their weekend. Join our tribe and be a part of the coolest, toughest, and most stimulating run of the year. We are looking forward to seeing you at the start line.

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In keeping with the style quotient of the #swiftdevilslayers, here is a range of our new super cool merchandise to choose from and help you carry the attitude beyond the course.


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