5 Reasons Why You Should Come Back to Swift Devils Circuit — Devils Circuit

5 Reasons Why You Should Come Back to Swift Devils Circuit

Do you crave the exhilaration of a Devils Circuit run? Do you miss the almost addictive adrenaline pump that makes Devils Circuit an experience like no other? We know you guys feel hard done by the fact that Devils Circuit only happens once a year in your city, but such is life. But good news people, Devils Circuit is back! If you follow us on Facebook you would know that we went LIVE with our season registrations a few days ago and the response has been overwhelming, to say the least. We have had people register for the NCR event that is scheduled for March next year! So, why should you follow suit and register for the upcoming Swift Devils Circuit season? Well, if the possibility of running the famed Devils Circuit again isn’t enough to convince you (REALLY?), then read on.

  • An all-new revamped course- It still has the same specs- 5-kilometre track with 15 obstacles spread evenly throughout. What has changed though are the obstacles. One of the many things that make us stand out in the world of obstacle runs is our loyal DC community which participates in multiple DC editions year after year. So, we need to keep surprising them, right? Don’t think about repeating obstacles because we come up with a new course every year! How about that for starters?
  • The DC Park- We, at Devils Circuit always strive to push the envelope in fitness and entertainment. That determination and innovation lead us to the inception of DC Park. The new addition to an ever-growing repertoire of sportainment activities at our Devils Circuit runs, the DC Park is your one-stop destination to keep you fit and fine for future DC runs. From functional training to Yoga to MMA training, the DC Park will keep you at your healthy toes throughout.
  • We’ve added two new cities! – Devils Circuit is the fastest growing amateur sports property in the country, and we always walk the talk. This year, we’re going to places that have craved the taste of obstacle running and but never satiated. Pune and Jaipur are the latest entrants into our ever-growing city roster, and we cannot WAIT! With two new cities, we are raring to go and prove our mettle! This also gives our loyal #TribeOfDevilSlayers to slay it in a new city! Travelling, exploring a new city AND the chance to run at DC? COUNT ME IN!
  • The newly introduced two-day format- Our #TribeOfDevilSlayers has been growing fast and how! Last season was a huge success for us and presented us with an opportunity to not just make your Sundays the best, but also your Saturdays! This season, in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai you will have a choice to run on either Saturday or Sunday. More options mean more chances of forming a bigger group which results in an even better experience!
  • This season, it #PaysToBeSwift– Are you always showing off your strength at the gym? Do you think you can #SlayTheDevil at every Devils Circuit run? Then Legends Cup is just the competition for you! It’s very simple, buy the competitive Season Ticket and be at the top of the leaderboard table in every city you run. What do you get for all that effort you ask? Well, top the leaderboard table at the season and you win a shining new Maruti Suzuki Swift! That’s not it though, if you’ve ended up in the top 5 but missed out on the car, there will be a hefty cash prize waiting for you!