5 things to expect from your first Obstacle Run — Devils Circuit

5 things to expect from your first Obstacle Run

Have you been Googling things like ‘Fun things to do in the city that doesn’t make me pull out my hair due to traffic’ or ‘things that fit people do which aren’t tough?’ Well, then obstacle running is just the thing you need in your life. If you haven’t run in ages but crave that adrenaline boost in a mundane life, or even just a different way to spend a weekend then don’t think twice about signing up for Devils Circuit. For everyone participating in an obstacle run for the first time, here are a few things to keep in mind-

  1. It’s going to be muddy. Very, very muddy

Don’t sign up for an obstacle run if mud and water make you cringe. We will say it again, DON’T SIGN UP. You will crawl through mud pits, fall into the water with mud in it and what-not. Don’t think about cleanliness when you’re in the circuit.

Be prepared for a long shower once you’re back home (and discovering mud in places you never anticipated).

  1. It will challenge you, not just physically but mentally as well

An obstacle run, as much as it is about your physical prowess, it is also about how mentally tough you are. Your physical strength might help you do a few obstacles, but pushing your limits and stretching yourself that extra couple of inches to catch hold of the rope, is where your mental strength comes into play.

  1. You’ll meet a lot of people

Obstacle runs are about a holistic experience. You push yourself to new territories on the circuit, and you get to do that around strangers who are as eager as you. You forge friendships, or just make acquaintances, but you share an experience like no other.

If you’re doing it for the first time, forming a group is not a bad option. It’s always nice to have the cushion of your friends at an overwhelming experience like an obstacle run. But the idea of meeting new people and sharing such an experience with them is too beautiful to let it pass by.

  1. You’ll be an addict by the time you cross that finish line

The elation you feel when that finish line is in sight and you see a shining medal waiting for you is unparalleled. You would want to do the whole circuit again, if your body won’t allow it, you won’t mind giving it another shot. Obstacle running will become a part of you, and you’ll always be on the lookout for more similar experiences. Didn’t we say you’ll be hooked to it? Classic signs of an addict here- always looking for more, drastic withdrawal symptoms where you’d rather climb up the floors using windowpanes than taking the stairs.  ?


  1. The experience will be amazing or disastrous, and it all depends on you

An obstacle run is designed around military training style courses. Yes, it’s challenging but how you fare at the course depends on a lot of your attitude. Accept the fact that it’s going to be tough, and that you’ll not have it easy. Try every obstacle and give it an honest shot. Don’t let the stature of obstacles daunt you. You would want your experience to be spectacular, and not shambles.