7 Types of people you meet at Devils Circuit — Devils Circuit

7 Types of people you meet at Devils Circuit

When you wake up early on that Sunday morning, get your running shoes on and make sure all your friends are up, you know it’s DC time. Devils Circuit is an opportunity, to not just test your physical prowess, it’s also to meet new people and embark on a run-of-a-lifetime. The colourful people (sometimes literally) you meet, just adds on to the whole DC experience. Here are a few kinds of people you might have come across at one of your DC runs

  1. The know-it-all

This specie is all over the place, so they’re hard to ignore. Right from your running technique to what you should’ve eaten in the morning, their gyaan follows you around till the run has started and everyone’s dispersed. Their urge to talk about anything and everything regardless of the human being in front of them is commendable. No really, we appreciate it. *coughs*

  1. The Marathoner

Moment you enter the venue, you’ll see a host of people around you. You’ll see people catching up with old mates, some gossiping, some would be eating and then you’ll see the marathoners. They’re easy to spot. Because they will tell you that, every single time. They’ll bring up the ‘benefits of running’ thing in every conversation. We get it, you run, you are fit now and once upon a time you weren’t. WE GET IT.

  1. The selfie expert

A wave of shock was set off in 2013 when Oxford declared that ‘selfie’ was the word of the year. Considering how a selfie while doing something is more important nowadays than the actual experience you’re paying for, this may not be surprise entry here. Their main agenda is pretty simple, tell people what you’re doing by uploading at least 25 selfies while doing it. I must say, the selfie generation is well and running (or hardly running because, #Selfies).

  1. The fitness geek

When the number of fitness trackers on your body exceed the number of organs in your body, you’ve crossed over to this side, my friend. A fitness geek is different from a fitness freak. How, you ask? A fitness geek doesn’t seize to show off the immaculate knowledge they have about fitness. A fitness freak will talk about themselves, but a fitness geek will make sure everyone knows about what he does, why does it and why YOU should do it too!

  1. The Corporate free-loader

Sometimes, you sign up for things just because they’re free. At Devils Circuit, a lot of corporates show up with their employees. They offer DC as an employee engagement activity, and employees too, see it as the perfect outing on a weekend. That is, if you know what you’re signing up for. Wherever you go, you will find that one dude who’ll show up at the start line and THEN try to gauge what’s happening. The look on their faces when you tell them that you have to RUN 5 kilometres is absolutely priceless! ?

  1. The nervous one

We all know the over-thinkers in our group. They over-think, over-analyse and end up making everyone around them either nervous or cringe at their sight. This bunch doesn’t need a reason

  1. The critic

Who doesn’t like to pass their critique in our country? Everyone has a hidden Rajeev Masand in them. They are champions at nit-picking and dissing anything and everything about the event, because well, they can do it. You can’t ignore them, because they feel the need to discuss the shortcomings of it with everyone, irrespective of their cast, creed or religion. At least their critique is secular, eh?