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About Us

The Origin

In 2012, sports crazy duo Zeba Zaidi and Adnan Adeeb realised that the country lacked a participative sport that would make the common (wo)man a ‘hero’ without requiring him/her to be an expert in a game. Tired of being the audience to the stardom of others and sitting on the side line as others chased their dreams, the couple decided to shake things up with disruptive sports.

The idea was to create a platform for people to earn their own glory and spotlight, and a sports event that would offer a much bigger adrenaline rush than what comes from sitting in a stadium.

India’s first obstacle race was born, blazing through the run-of-the-mill marathons and sprints, and ushering a new era in participative sports. Now no less than a movement with participant stories of survival, strength, and a fight back, Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit has become a benchmark for runners against which people measure their levels of health and fitness.

The Phenomenon

While India is still catching up to the concept of obstacle racing, globally, it is an established phenomenon already. Here, the five-kilometre track (quite overwhelming for first-timers) is imbedded with 15 crazy, fun, and challenging obstacles of varying difficulty levels. Once on it, you push yourself to draw strength not just from your core or muscles, but from your gut. All puns intended.

You reach an organic high by the time you’ve reached the fifth obstacle, and something within you—that you didn’t know existed—pushes you to conquer the Finish Line! You end the race feeling drunk with euphoria and bursting with adrenaline. The 15th obstacle always takes the cake, but you’ll have to be there to witness its impact.

How is this different?

‘Different’ is you experiencing a world-class event in your city, an obstacle race that is arguably the biggest in Asia. Besides, we are eight seasons strong now and boast a community of two-million swiftdevilslayers nationwide. That’s two million heroes you’re looking at. With our obstacles changing every year, Devils Circuit also remains the only platform where you can create and raise your own benchmark of healthy living.


The five-kilometre track is not linear; it is a serpentine maze sketched with race bunting, so you don’t lose your way. You’ll find an obstacle every 500 metres, with some closer than that, and at each bend on the track, there are hydration points.


Complimenting the non linear nature of the track, the race starts and ends at The Village. The Village is where swiftDevilSlayers gather before and after the race to indulge in merry-making with dance fitness sessions, community zones, food trucks, and music. Read more about The Village HERE


Legends Cup

The coolest, most prestigious, and certainly the most rewarding competition in Asia! The Legends Cup is for those elite athletes for whom one race a season is certainly not enough. Participate in at least 5 editions through the year, get to finish in the top 10 and have points allotted for each finish. At the end of the year, the leader board will show cumulative points earned by each runner and rank the top 10 for the Season. The top male and female athlete will win themselves a brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift each. The top 5 in each category win cash prizes. Click HERE to know more!

Competitive Category

Join us in the competitive category where you get to run as a part of the athletes who all covet the podium finish. With a timing chip integrated in your running BIB, your run time will be captured and shared with you in an e-certificate post your run. The top 3 male and female finishers of the Competitive Category win cool prizes at the event. Even though you run as a part of the competitive group, you may skip obstacles you find too hard to complete.

Non Competitive Category

Wish to experience the thrill, the adventure, and the high without the burden of competition? No sweat, this is the category for you. Same course, same obstacles, but no timing chip. Finish the run and the obstacles at your own pace and gauge your own fitness level so that next time you can come back fitter, stronger, and ready to conquer it all!

DC Junior

The Junior and Sub Junior categories are for our little Devils who are between ages 7-10 & 11-15. Two separate courses measuring 1.5 Kms each are laid out and interspersed with 10 obstacles for our younger community to challenge themselves. To know more, click HERE!

Finish Time To Expect

1 hr 15 minutes
45 minutes- 1 hour
30-45 minutes
22- 30 minutes


Comfort on the track is paramount! And so is protecting your elbows and knees from the mud and water you will encounter at various points through your run. Add to that broken in sneakers and you’re all set.

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