DC Junior — Devils Circuit

DC Junior

Let The Children Slay Their First Devil

Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit proudly presents the DC Junior and Sub-Junior races—after all, why should grown-ups have all the fun? If you are from Delhi NCR and your kids are between ages 7 and 15 Years, here’s some good news. At Devils Circuit, we have two special, age-appropriate courses for kids between 7-10 (Sub-Junior) and between 11-15 (Junior). Here, the younger community of SwiftDevilSlayers challenge themselves on a 1.5 km track comprising 10 obstacles. The Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit Junior tests energy and enthusiasm of the Sub-Junior Category runners, and the grit and stamina of teens as they prepare to graduate the Junior Category and slay the bigger Devils when they are 16!


For our youngest athletes in the age group of 7-10, we offer 10 custom-made, age appropriate obstacles to overcome. With volunteers ready to offer a helping hand at each obstacle, get ready to let your kids loose on the circuit! At the race, watch your little ones make crucial decisions to cross or omit the obstacles—a life-skill they take back home.


The age group 11-15 is a tricky one. They are the new gen that doesn’t need help from adults to slay their Devil. They are ready to take on hard challenges on the Junior Circuit with 10 custom-built obstacles that offer height, water, and a variety of other challenges. A great way to test your physical and mental strength and see how brave you truly are.

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