DC Junior — Devils Circuit

Let The Children Slay Their First Devil

The Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit Junior And Sub Junior Obstacle Races Are For The Age Groups Of 7-10 & 11-15 Years. Comprising Two Separate Courses Measuring 1.5 Kms, Each Course Will Have A Unique Age Appropriate Set Of 10 Obstacles For Our Younger Community To Challenge Themselves. The Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit Junior Will Test The Energy & Enthusiasm Of Our 7-10 Years Old, It has Obstacles Designed To Test The Grit Of The Teens Preparing Them To Graduate To Slay The Bigger Devils.

Devils Circuit Junior

  • For our youngest athletes in the age group of 7-10, we will offer 10 custom made- age appropriate obstacles for you to overcome. With volunteers ready to offer a helping hand at each obstacle, get ready to enjoy the best day of your life!
  • The age group 11-15. The cool youngsters who are tall enough to meet the “bigger” obstacles and push themselves a little bit harder now. The 10 custom built obstacles will offer height, water and a variety of other challenges that will thrill and motivate you to do your best. A great way to test your physical and mental strength and see how brave and enthusiastic you truly are.

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