What is Devils Circuit?

Devils Circuit is an elite international standard obstacle running series. Comprising 15 obstacles spread across a 5-kilometre long track, this form of running tests participants on both physical and mental levels.

Who is it for?

Devils Circuit is age, gender and fitness agnostic. This is a run where everyone, irrespective of their fitness and stamina levels, finds something to take away. The competitive category offers a timed test of brute physical fitness whereas through participation in the non-competitive category you get to enjoy the obstacles at your own pace and push yourself beyond what you thought you are capable of.

What is included in the participation fee?

Besides participation, the entry fee entitles you to an exclusive Devils Circuit T Shirt from our newly launched active wear range of apparels, running bib, discount vouchers from our partners and other goodies.  At the event day, we offer a free energy drink to each finisher.  Additionally, each finisher gets a finishers medal at the finish line.

Each registration also entitles you to bring along one spectator.

When and where do I collect my Bib number and Goody bag?

Our bib distribution drive typically takes place a week before the main event. We usually provide two location options for you to visit across these days. The information regarding venue and time will be communicated to you 2 weeks prior to the event day.

What do I need to bring to the Bib distribution centre?

You need to carry a government – approved Photo ID which should have your signature and date of birth, your signed original waiver form (photocopies will not be accepted), and email confirmation of the registration.

Can I send someone else to collect the Bib and Goody Bag on my behalf?

The reason for this is that we will, at the venue, take your picture and issue you an ID card that will give you an access to the track on the race day.
We only allow participants in the non -competitive category to have someone else collect their bibs on their behalf, for which they need to carry:

a. An authorisation letter (original)
b. Your signed waiver (original)
c. Copy of your ID proof with date of birth
d. Copy of ID proof with signature

What do I need to bring to the Bib Distribution to collect the Bib and Goody Bag for the Devils Circuit Junior and the Devils Circuit Sub Junior?

In the case of Devils Circuit Junior and Devils Circuit Sub Junior, we require the following documentation:

  1. Waiver form signed by one parent
  2. Copy of participant’s ID and a copy of the Parent’s ID (whose signature is on the waiver form)
  3. Copy of the participant’s passport or any other document establishing the relationship with the signatory

Is parking available at the venue?

Yes, ample parking is available at the circuit only for participants. To park, you will be required to show your bib number.

How do I register?

In order to register, please visit our events page, choose the city you wish to register at and follow the process.

How do I create a team?

In order to register as a team, please select ‘Create Team’ on the events page and follow the process.

Where can I find my start time?

Once you’ve registered in your preferred wave, the confirmation e-mail will specify your wave and start time. Additionally, your start time will also be printed at the bottom right corner of your bib.

At what time should I reach the venue?

You should aim to reach the venue at least 60-90 minutes prior to your start time

Can my registration be transferred or cancelled?

The registrations cannot be cancelled. However, you may transfer your booking to someone else up until bib collection. Once you collect your bib, you may not transfer it. Doing so will disqualify whoever is running on your bib number.

Are spectators allowed at the venue?

One spectator is allowed with each participant at the venue.

Are spectators allowed on the course?

Spectators are strictly not allowed on the course.

What should I wear to the Devils Circuit?

We urge you to wear the t-shirt provided by us!

Please also note that we strongly recommend you to not wear any jewellery, accessories or carry any expensive items like watches etc. We will not be liable for any loss you may suffer during the event.

What should I bring to the event day?

You should bring the following:

a. Your running bib (without this you will not be allowed to run under any circumstances)
b. Your participant band (without this you will not be allowed inside the venue)
c. A change of clothes
d. A waterproof pouch you can run with, for your keys, money, spectacles etc.
e. Cash to purchase food and drinks as no credit/debit card facility will be available

What sort of obstacles will I face at a Devils Circuit?

You will face a mixed bag of easy and tough obstacles which will involve mud, water, and a lot more. Please visit our obstacle page for more information

Will drinking water be available?

Yes, complimentary drinking water will be available at multiple points across the course and at the expo. We recommend you to stay hydrated throughout your run.

Will I be able to wash off the mud?

There are very basic washing facilities at the DevilsCircuit. We do provide running water, however, please note that this is a raw, rugged obstacle run and come prepared accordingly. You may wish to bring a change of clothes for after the run.

How do I get my timing certificate?

The timing certificates are available only to the participants in the competitive category. These shall be emailed to you at the email ID provided at the time of registration, a week post the event

How do I access my event day photographs?

We start putting random albums of photographs on our Facebook page with in a week after the event.  Please ensure you like our page to stay updated.  Additionally, we tag all photographs to the bib numbers.  These photographs are available on our website from a week after the event day.  Please note that for us to tag your photographs, it is important that the bib number is visible.  We urge you to ensure that this is clearly marked.  In some cases, your bib number may become covered in mud or get lost while you are running, in these cases we urge you to write your bib number on your forehead or on your arm with a black marker to ensure your photographs can be tagged to you.

I searched for my photographs but couldn’t find any, what do I do now?

If you can’t find your photograph, please write to us at devilscircuit@volano.in with details of your running time, your friends bib numbers if you were running in a group and a description of what you were wearing so that we may try and identify you in our pictures.

Please note, however, that although we will try our best, we do not guarantee that we will be able to find your picture if your bib number is not visible during your run.

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