#IAmExtraordinary- Story of Hiren Patel — Devils Circuit

#IAmExtraordinary- Story of Hiren Patel

The mind of a devil slayer isn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill kind. It functions faster and is always on the lookout for something extraordinary. Something to get that adrenaline flowing. Hiren Patel is one of the devil slayers, always up for an obstacle or two. The wily Iron Man from Gujarat hails from Gujarat, growing up in a family that never really encouraged him to be serious about sports or fitness. Being around relatives with serious health issues, he always looked for an outlet, an outlet to avoid medicines. Kids do anything to avoid the taste of medicines and Hiren was no different.

The turning point though, as he says, was a bicycle. When he moved to Pune for work, he decided to commute on a bicycle, and hence began a journey of self-realisation and pure passion for sports and fitness. An urge to be fit and avoid doctor visits soon turned into a roller coaster ride of marathons, obstacle runs, long distance cycling and what-not.

Talking about his experience at SDCC season 1, the prospect of being on a TV show, he says, is mesmerising. “you’ll be tempted go to the start line and try the course right away”, says Hiren. You move up a few notches on the ‘coolness-level’ when you have footage of doing the amazing SDCC course. “The obstacles were designed to test your body in a holistic manner, which keeps everything fair for all the participants.”

Life post-DC is never the same for anyone, and Hiren is no different. Ever since sweating it out on the DC course, Hiren has gone on to diversify his repertoire in terms of fitness events. From long-distance cycling (1420 kilometres in 4 days!) to tonnes of marathons, Hiren has seen everything. The Iron Man Triathlon, he says was the toughest challenge from him, and how! He explains the Iron Man Triathlon very simply- Swim 2.4 milesBike 112 milesRun 26.2 milesBrag for the rest of your life! “it’s not just about what you do in those 17 hours, but also about what you do for the rest 364 days, that decide your level of quality.”

The quest for challenges, as he says, will never end, and right now his focus is the Swift Devils Circuit Challenge Season 3. He conquered the Iron Man, but can he slay the devil?