Is Legends Cup for you? — Devils Circuit

Is Legends Cup for you?

We are always looking for things to challenge our limits. The limits we set in controlled environments in a gym or a running track, we’re always looking for outlets to push the envelope just a little more. The growing popularity of marathons and obstacle running events in our country is a proof that people are always in search of that outlet. Swift Devils Circuit is India’s biggest obstacle run and the fastest growing participative sports property in the country. And what it provides, is that outlet everyone is looking for. Devils Circuit encompasses what people of the urban India are always looking for in their busy corporate jumping lives, a break from the ordinary. The feeling of content and achievement you get after running a 5-kilometre track and overcoming obstacles that you would never think about facing on an ordinary day is unparalleled!

There is Devils Circuit, which makes you feel extraordinary and then there is Legends Cup, that makes you etch your name in Devils Circuit’s history books! You compete with the best runners in the country and prove yourself at the grandest stage of obstacle running! Legends Cup gives you a fair shot at becoming an obstacle running legend, and win a Maruti Suzuki Swift along with it. Our focus when we came up with the Legends Cup was to give the best of the best a platform to chase their dream of greatness and attain a legendary status in the world of fitness. Over the last two seasons, our four winners have competed in all the runs and fought tooth and nail for the coveted title of Devils Circuit Legend.

Ripu Daman, one of the first few people to register for the Legends Cup 2017-18 says, “DC provides a platform to test the strength and endurance of each part of your body from the feet to the fingertips and the mind. I am not just training to go faster, stronger and higher next time but also test myself at every level with the Legends Cup. I am preparing to be the best and still better myself with each race.”

How the Legends Cup works is straightforward, you need to sign up for a minimum of 6 cities in the coming season of Swift Devils Circuit and consistently finish in top 10 male or female competitive runners. For every top 10 finish, you get points depending on your position and you accumulate points over the course of the season. If you end the season as the top runner, you win a Maruti Suzuki Swift and cash prize worth INR 100,000! But so many of you will spend time and money on Legends Cup but only one male and one female win the prize, that’s unfair! That’s why we decided to give cash prizes to the TOP 5 male and female runners!

So, log on to and explore the opportunity to travel the country, meet new people and compete with some of the best athletes from around the country! And at Devils Circuit Legends Cup, it #PaysToBeSwift!