Legal Terms and Policies — Devils Circuit

Devils Circuit (2017 -18 Season)


All runners are assigned a bib number, which is non-transferable. In case you can’t make it, please let us know. Do not give it to someone else as the participant shall be disqualified!

Each runner will receive a DC wrist band. Please make sure you wear that on your wrist before entering the venue.

Entry to the venue will not be permitted to participating runners without the band.

All participants would be mandatorily required to wear running shoes while running the track. The participants can wear additional apparel (Gloves, knee caps, ankle support, etc.) as per their own preferences to suit running or sports activities.
Post completing the run, all runners will receive the DC Finisher’s Medal and an energy drink.

Each registered participant will be provided a complimentary spectator pass at the venue to bring along a friend / family member as a spectator. The accompanying spectator will have to complete the Registration Process at the Registration Desk at the venue to gain entry.

Please make sure you wear the bib at the front, so that your pictures can be easily tagged. Your digital photographs will be available on
Our tagging
 is based on our ability to see your BIB number in each photograph. Therefore prominent BIB means more photographs for you to enjoy!
There will be a baggage counter at the venue. Please do not place any valuables in your bags. All the bags deposited at the counters will be at owner’s risk.
Category: Every runner MUST report 60 mins prior to their allotted run time.
 Your bibs will have the timing tags.
Please do not tamper with it. Please ensure that the bib don’t fall off during the run. In such a case we will not be able to provide you with your run
You also have to clear the maximum number of obstacles in order to be eligible for the grand prize.
Non‐Competitive Category: We respect the fact you have come out and tried something absolutely kickass. Therefore, we don’t call you REGULAR. You are all now #DevilSlayers!
There will be a team of officials manning the entire running track including all the obstacles. This team of officials will adjudicate the identification of winners as well as be the sole authority in computing the performance scores of all the participants. The decision of the Officiating Team will be final & not subject to any dispute by any participant
 #IAmExtraOrdinary. See