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  1. The running BIB and wristband allotted to any runner by the organisers is non-transferable.

  2. Entry to the venue will not be permitted to participating runners without the band and the BIB.

  3. Personal acknowledgement of the nature of the event, the inherent risks involved in participating in the event is required at the time of registration through our online waiver form.

  4. The Company, Volano Entertainment Pvt Ltd has not given any warranties, (expressed or implied) about, including but not limited to, the safety and fitness of use of the goods, equipment and obstacles being used for the event and that any warranty in this regard has been disclaimed.

  5. Participation in the event is entirely at the participant’s own risk and the event organizers are not liable for any loss, damage, claim, expense, injury or accidents which may arise during the course of the event, in any manner whatsoever.

  6. Participants shall agree to participate in the event with care and attention and abide by the instructions of the Company, its personnel and any other authorised representative designated by the Company.

  7. Participants must acknowledge the importance of intimating the Company of any medical or special needs which may restrict his/her participation in the event and that they have no such medical or special needs and are fully capable of participating in the Event.

  8. The organizers will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings whether inside and outside the venue during the event.

  9. The Company or any of its affiliates, contractors or partners of the Event, will not be responsible for death or any loss, injury or damage which any participant may sustain during the Event.

  10. If at any point during the Event or after the Event, a participant requires urgent medical treatment, they must give permission to the paramedics/medical authorities to administer such emergency treatment, including administering anaesthetic, as they may consider necessary in such circumstances. All medical costs arising from such treatment shall be borne by the participant and the participant cannot hold the company liable for any of these expenses.

  11. At any point during the run, if it is found that a participant has transferred his/her allotted BIB to another/unregistered runner, both persons involved will be liable to disqualification from the event and shall be evicted from the track. Also, in such a case the participant who has bought the ticket will be liable to take complete responsibility of any unforeseen injury or mishap to the unauthorized participant who runs in their place.

  12. Only running shoes/sports shoes are allowed on the track. Participants found in slippers, sandals, or casual shoes will be turned away at the track’s entrance or removed from the track if found within.

  13. If at any point during the race, the soles of a participant’s sports shoes come off, the Devils Circuit team reserves the right to escort the participant off the track. The same rule lies for people running barefoot. The participants can wear additional apparel (Gloves, knee-caps, ankle support, etc.) or other running accessories.

  14. There will be a team of officials manning the entire running track including all the obstacles. This team of officials will adjudicate the identification of winners as well as be the sole authority in computing the performance scores of all the participants. The decision of the Officiating Team will be final and not subject to any dispute by any participant.

Other Information

  • Post completing the run, all runners will receive the DC Finisher’s Medal and an energy drink.

  • Each registered participant will be provided a complimentary spectator pass at the venue to bring along a friend / family member as a spectator. The accompanying spectator will have to complete the Registration Process at the Registration Desk at the venue to gain entry.

  • Please make sure you wear the BIB in front, so that your pictures can be easily tagged. Your digital photographs will be available HERE.

  • Our tagging is based on our ability to see your BIB number in each photograph. Therefore, prominent BIB means more photographs for you to enjoy!

  • There will be a baggage counter at the venue. All the bags deposited at the counters will be at owner’s risk.

  • Competitive Category: Every runner MUST report 60 mins prior to their allotted run time. Your BIBs will have the timing tags as cue. Please do not tamper with it. Please ensure that the BIB doesn’t fall off during the run. In such a case, we will not be able to provide you with your run–time.

  • For all runners: Some people take 20 minutes to complete the entire circuit, others take 2 hours. We understand different fitness levels. But the maximum time that a participant is allowed on the circuit it 3 hours, beyond which, the Devils Circuit team reserves the right to escort participants off. This is done so all participants, across different waves, get an equal opportunity at the obstacles.

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