Legends Cup - Devils Circuit
How To Win Legends Cup?

Are you always showing off your strength at the gym? Do you think you can #SlayTheDevil at every Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit run? Then Legends Cup is just the competition for you! It’s very simple, buy the competitive Season Ticket and be at the top of the Leaderboard table in every city you run. What do you get for all that effort you ask? Well, top the Leaderboard table at the season and you win a shining new Maruti Suzuki Swift! That’s not it though, if you’ve ended up in the top 5 but missed out on the car, there will be a hefty cash prize waiting for you! Also, the Legends Cup is separate for men and women. Legends Cup participants also get 50% off on the price.

Male Winners Of the Previous Season

  • Season 2015-16
    Balbir Kumar
  • Season 2016-17
    Sanjay Negi
  • Season 2017-18
    Ajith CT

Previous Season Female Winners

  • Season 2015-16
    Sneha Desu
  • Season 2016-17
    Ravinderpreet Kaur
  • Season 2017-18
    Sanjana George

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