Make 2017 your fittest year — Devils Circuit

Make 2017 your fittest year

Fix a target

A personal target, it can be anything. The target, the parameters to measure the success, everything is set by you. Next thing to do is to stay true to yourself. Fool everyone around you all you want, but don’t fool yourself. Be harsh on yourself, and imbibe the discipline you crib about, in yourself. One of the fundamentals of target achievement is keeping small targets, that in turn translate into a successful larger picture.

Surround yourself with the right people

“Circumstances can be very important. Find the right people to work with”. No one is saying that you aren’t capable, but having a support system to keep you motivated through tough times is always helpful. People who share the same passion, work-out regularly with you will always be a strength in testing times or when you drift away from your goal.

Track your progress

The tech world has recognised the importance we give to the measurement of our progress, hence the abundance of fitness tracking devices. Pick one, and give it everything you’ve got! Keep a tab on your daily activity, and accordingly set your future goals. It’s important to know how you are faring daily because that will set the tone for your bigger-picture. Tracking devices and fitness apps can be highly useful if used efficiently and the data they provide should be carefully analysed to realise the true progress.

Join a group

Workouts with a group of people, motivating each other to push for that extra rep, or a lap makes for a great environment wherein you can excel and push your limits. A running group, yoga classes, playing a sport, whatever interests you, just be around people who enjoy it as much as you.

Break the routine

Beware of monotony; it’s the mother of all sins. No matter how exciting your routine is, it will eventually become redundant. Keep surprising yourself with whatever you do, even with your exercises. Discover new routes for your morning runs, try-out new work-out routines, just keep it different.

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