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The Season Finale of the Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit 2019-20 was scheduled to be hosted in Noida on the 14th and 15th of March. This was a sold-out event and everything was on track to be a super success for participants, sponsors, partners, and all stakeholders.

However, due to the onset of the COVID- 19 pandemic, the impending event was put on hold less than a week before the scheduled event date, with a view of hosting it at a later date in the year. At this stage over 80% of you had already collected your goody bags. We were still hopeful of hosting the event in its offline form later in the year.  Towards the end of June, another email was sent to all of you communicating the delay and lack of clarity on when the event could take place. Those of you who were yet to collect their bibs were sent the goody bags by courier to their respective addresses.

Given that the giveaways add up to a substantial portion of the ticket price, and had already been taken by the participants, a refund option was not viable and a few requests that came through for cancelations and refunds were answered accordingly.


Now, given the current situation, it is highly unlikely that a physical outdoor event for such a large number of participants can be organised anytime soon, therefore we are coming to you with the Devils Circuit in its current new avatar! We promise to add as much fun and entertainment to your event as we can through a digital format.


Between the 19th and the 21st of December 2020, the Virtual Edition of the Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit shall be hosted live on Facebook. Do make sure you like the page so that all updates keep coming to you. Not only that, we will also be running a lot of online competitions where you can earn cool prizes, coming up to the event date, so make sure you check out our posts everyday!


On the event day, we will begin with the Tribe leader Adnan adeeb introducing a mystery celebrity guest, this is someone you all recognise and adore.  Our celeb guest will be interacting with participants through a 3 hour period (7-10 am) and will be answering your questions, so make sure you take the opportunity of logging in as soon as your run is completed.


The live session will culminate with a prize distribution where the winners of the Legends Cup Season 2019-20 will be facilitated.


In case you missed being a part of this race, here is another opportunity for you to join in. Click on the “I WANT TO JOIN” button below and avail the opportunity of buying limited tickets. Each ticket includes a free courier with your goody bag (running t-shirt, bandana, goodies) and the coveted Devils Circuit medal sent to you post-run.

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