The Village — Devils Circuit

The Village

The Tribe dictates that Devil Slayers must take out time to make merry with fellow runners after the race is over. Having beat their own Devil at the Circuit, they now thank the God of Strength through an offering of dance, music, and energy drinks! This they do at the Devils Circuit Village.

The Map

Devil Slayers don’t usually need a map to get to the Village. But if you’re ever lost, find your way to place where the music is coming from. The Village is where Devil Slayers gather before and after the race.

The Symbol

The holy grail for Devil Slayers, this symbol is known to have appeared thousands of years ago on a rock. It had signalled to our forefathers, that the time for the tribe’s inception was near and thus we came to be! This symbol is what protects the village and the tribesmen when they are out beating their Devil on the track.

Beating the Devil

Each year, Devil Slayers gather together to beat their own Devil, that is, THEIR FEAR OF FAILURE. The demolition of fear at the circuit is what helps them achieve wondrous things when they lead their daily lives.


In modern English, the word ‘Booyah’ is heralded as a unification of two words—BOO and YOU—which is used by humans when they accomplish a feat that puts them above a fellow human. It is rather distilled from the time it was incepted. The sacred chant, BOOYAH, which originated thousands of years ago, translates to ‘the organic high’—the adrenaline pumped state you reach during the race when you have beaten your Devil! Though we don’t like the modern rendition of the word, we’ll keep the ‘sense of accomplishment’ part of it.


Be a part of an insane atmosphere and an incredible energy!

Before you set out to beat your Devil on the track, you meet our Tribe Leader, Adnan Adeeb, at the warm up session. Can’t tell you what happens there, we’ve been sworn to secrecy.


The world may call it ‘dance fitness’, but really, it was passed down through generations of Devils Slayers since the Tribe’s inception. This is the first thing you’re expected to do post-race.

Fitness Concert

Our in-house music maker spins latest tracks from his tent to help us call on the God of Strength. Pure madness ensues and you reach an unimaginable level of purity!


No festival is complete without some culinary indulgence. Our herb masters dish out mouth-watering plates to add to the merriment of the festival-like atmosphere.

Food Trucks

Some Devil Slayers are more religious than others. When they finish the race, they head to the mini-circuits—the Swift and Apollo Fitness Zones—to participate in our contests.

Mini Concert

To help our Devil Slayers bond, the Village has made Human Foosball and Volleyball courts where you can bring your team or make a team and enjoy friendly matches!

Community Zones

Since the tribe comes together once a year, be sure you go back with enough memories. Get t-shirts, gym wear, hoodies, and other smaller merchandise to proudly flaunt the DC pneumonic!

Merchandise Store

We want to make sure you’re having fun at the circuit. Drop Your bag at the Baggage Counter and off you go on your DC journey! Post-race come back with your BIB and find it here.

Free Bag Drop

We used to be quite secretive in the beginning. Our 28,000th Tribe Leader is progressive and feels we should get on with social media. We have cool shoot points and backdrops for this. Only rule, tag us!

Photo Ops


Help is always near when you need it!

Find drinking water readily available at different points within the course and at the village.

Hydration Point

In case you get bruised during the race, find your way to one of the many medical tents for support!

Medical Tent

Have a question? Head to any volunteer wearing a crew T-Shirt and they’ll help you out!

Our Team

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