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Useful Tips For An Obstacle Race Enthusiast

The Obstacle run is the new kid on the block!! A global phenomenon, this form of running has created a new platform for thrill seekers to get their fix. A typical obstacle runs, involves running a multi kilometer course set up usually in a rugged farm land on the outskirts of the city; and interspersed with military style obstacles.

The beauty of this running format is that it really is skill, gender, age, strength and stamina agnostic. Someone who is supremely fit and works out regularly enjoys an obstacle run as much as someone for who this may be the starting point on their journey to fitness. The simple reason behind this is the high you achieve upon overcoming the obstacles. For someone who is in the former category of runners, an obstacle run is all about beating each and every obstacle in the shortest amount of time. Similarly, for the former category participants, it is about how much they can push themselves and go beyond what they thought they were capable of.

So anyhow, whichever category you may fall into, here is what you need to do to prepare for an obstacle run:


Its very important to ensure that you have the right clothing on especially as you tackle, mud, water and in some cases ice!

  • Ensure that you have tight leggings or shorts on. loose pants will get heavy with water & mud; and take longer to dry.
  • Wear dark colour clothing. This really is a no brainer! Make sure your clothes are dark and dont become see through as soon as you get wet (unless that’s what you’re aiming for!)
  • Do wear clothes that are old. no one wants to spoil brand new gear at a mud run and chances are that despite a good wash, the clothes you wear will never be the same again
  • Bring a second set of clothes. Especially if you’re travelling by car, you want to ensure a clean set to head back home in. This includes underwear ­čÖé


  • Just like clothes, your shoes too will probably be a right off after the event
  • Ensure you wear your most comfortable pair of sneakers as not only will you be running but you will be running through mud and water
  • Make your your shoes are laced up tight. Its no fun losing a shoe in a mud pool and hobbling through the rest of the circuit
  • Bring an easy to wear pair of flip flops or sandals to change into once the run is over

Other Stuff To Carry With You

  • Bring a secure bag that you can check in. you really dont want to be carrying your keys and wallet on the course with you!
  • Bring cash. At the race, there will be plenty of hydration points but once you complete your run, you may wish to buy food and snacks
  • Bring a plastic bag to carry your dirty clothes and shoes back in. You really dont want to be putting your muddy stuff on your car seat
  • It might also be a good idea to carry some old newspapers or a dark coloured sheet to cover your car seat with on your way back
  • A dark coloured towel! There may be a water facility to wash off most of the mud but you certainly wont be provided with a towel. good preparation is key to an enjoyable day.

And last but not the least, do bring your best attitude! An obstacle race is a wonderful place to have fun, achieve your goals, make new friends and dance like you’ve never danced before.

So come now and register today at to experience the most exciting Sunday of your life!