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Looking for some quick inspiration to join the tribe of Devil Slayers? Say no more! Here are some video stories to the rescue!

Looking for some quick inspiration to join the tribe of Devil Slayers?

Real Stories

Devrath Vijay

The journey from being the regular nine-to-five guy to becoming a certified kick-boxer is the stuff that dreams are made of. But behind this realisation of the dream is a tough decision he has to make. Does he go the distance?

Shweta Devraj

What comes after you make a difficult choice is a struggle to reach that destiny. As they say, nothing worth having in life comes easy. So, when she left the security of her regular life, she knew she had to put in her dues. Does she become a cross-fit trainer, or does she fail?

Sanjay Negi

Not all dreams in life are fulfilled, and when they crash, it is easier to accept defeat that fight back. But those that have their eyes set on the goal know that on the other side of the struggle, is a crown worth wearing. After being rejected by the Indian Army 9 times, does he get back up?

This is how we do it

Eight seasons, 36 successful editions, and two million SwiftDevilSlayers. Have you met the tribe yet?

Here are some compilations that will compel you to join us!

One for All, All for One

One of the holiest tenets for us Swift Devil Slayers is that we ‘Leave No Man Behind!’ Therefore, at the circuit, you’ll meet strangers who will help you cross obstacles as will you, help them. The bonds we create here are for life! We have runners from all backgrounds, and it is impossible that you won’t find someone who shares your story!

The Best Version of Yourself

If you’ve come to the Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit before, you’re already a winner. If you’ve just bought your first ticket, Bravo! You’ve taken the first step to becoming the best version of yourself! At DC, your competition is not with your fellow runner, but yourself. Come set your own benchmark and when you come back next year, raise it!

Pushing the Bar at Every Age

If you think you’re too old, stop! If you think you’re not fit enough, stop again! You’ll be surprised to see how many people travel cities to participate in the Devils Circuit, defying age, fitness levels, and health conditions. Because you only live once, right! Besides, Devils Circuit is a bucket-list item that people love striking off their list. And you?

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